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Nesting just inside the medina wall lies an eighteenth century stone building, a gift to the American people by Sultan Moulay Suliman: Tangier American

My first thought when we arrived was: why do I not know about this place from the history books? The Legation served as a diplomatic post for a record 140
years, the first diplomatic mission born out of the 1786 treaty of Friendship between the two nations.

Entering through a hidden arch into the charming courtyard we make our way upstairs to the elegant rooms full of beautiful old carpets, antique furnisher,
lamps and a vast art collection. My sister who lives here, being an artist walked me through the themed rooms, featuring etchings and engravings, drawings and
paintings. Its an impressive collection charting through the history and diversity of both Tangier and Morocco. Many artists left their imprint, the orientalist,
Roberts & Lewis, Delacroix and Matisse and the numerous resident artists who settled here, like the Scottish James McBey, Stuart Church, Claudio Bravo
and Pedicarius. Even more impressive is the work by Moroccan artists, Glaoui, Hamri, Idrissi, Fuentes to name a few, displayed intimately in a room alongside
others on the ground floor, more familiar names, Yves St Laurent, Cecil Beaton and Oskar Kokoshka.

Alongside one of the terraces is the beautifully constructed Moorish pavilion with its splendid painted ceilings and doors, wooden mushrabiehs and old mosaic
floor tiles. The pavilion is a good example of the best craftsmanship of the whole Magreb with a respect for tradition. Here we find two miniature battle scenes,
gifts along with numerous books from the late publisher Malcolm Forbes.

We make our way downstairs to yet another pebbled courtyard with the scent of jasmine wafting through to the Paul Bowles room. Writer and composer and long
term resident of Tangier we find some of his possessions simply displayed, along with photographs of his contemporaries, the many visitors to Tangier, writers,
composers, playwrights and artists….Tennessee Williams, Noel Coward, William Borroughs and Truman Capote. In this room we take time off to relax and listen
to Paul’s music.

This is a gem of a place and a great introduction to the old Tangier and if you have the time, they have a cycle of events, films, book launches, debates and
conferences and concerts. Mohammed, the curator and occasionally the director Jerry Loftus are happy to answer questions (and can show you the letter from
George Washington) and there are wonderful books for sale and lots more on the website:

Article submitted by A. Ghanam

February 1-9
National Film Festival
Cinematheque de Tanger, Cinema Roxy

March 21-26
Festival Cinema Nachia (short films)
Cinematheque de Tanger
Salon Regional du Livre
Delegation de la Culture, Rue d’Angleterre

May 2-5
Salon International de Tanger des Livres et des Arts
Palais Des Institutions Italiennes

June 27-July 1
2nd Tarab Traditional World Music Festival.
Various venues.

July 6-7
Festival Culturel International d’Assilah

September 19-23
Tanjazz Festival de Jazz.
Palais Des Institutions Italiennes
Festival sans Frontier (music, art, discussions…)
Gallery Mohamed Drissi

Oct 1-6
Festival of Short Films
Cinema Roxy and Cinematheque de Tanger
Correspondances de Tanger (literary festival with concerts & lectures)
Various venues.

Nov 16-17
Salon Regional du Livre de Tanger
Delegation de la Culture, Rue d’Angleterre

*** Please note that dates may vary and it’ s best to check with Tanger Pocket which is available on line as a PDF: