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This large map of Tangier was provided by Andrew Horner.


Ali Souvenir, 11 rue Khalid Ibn Walid (by the cannons off blv Pasteur)
Puerto Rico Shop, Place Ouad Ahardan 27, medina
Les Merinides, rue Sabou 21, medina
Volubilis, 15 petit Socco (opposite café Central)

Handloom complex, Fundook Shajarah, take stairs down from Hotel Minzah then
enter through the large wooden door on the right. The shop at the end has the
best selection.

Bleu de Fez, 65 rue les Almohades, medina

Tangier Morocco shopping

La Libraire Les Insolites, 28 rue Khalid Ibn Oualid
Librairie des Colonnes, 54 blv Pasteur
Page et Plume, 3 rue el Hariri (place des Nations)

Contemporary & Lifestyle
La Tribu des Ziri, 28 rue Khalid ibn Walid (1st floor)
Las Chicas, porte de la Kasbah
Les Merinides (see above)
Volubilis (see above)
Boutique Majid, 66 rue les Almohades

Medini perfumerie, on blv Pasteur and next to Asima and in medina
Darna Darnia, rue Jules Cott (opposite the slipper/shoe market)
Naturally Gifted, 42 rue de Holland, complex Dawliz
Moroccan Natural Secrets, 57 rue Riad Sultan, Kasbah

Bazar Tindouf, rue de la Liberte (opposite Hotel Minzah)
Les Merinides (see above)
Boutique Majid (see above)

Adaguen, 2 rue el Hariri and at the bottom of the rue de Kasbah, grand socco
Bazoona store, 136 rue d’Angleterre

Smart hammams offering beauty treatments:
Elysium Center, 4, rue al Jabha al Watanya (next to Hotel Rembrandt)
Serenity Day Spa, rue Adolfo Fessere, California

Notable markets:

Behind the mosque in the grand socco is the Sidi Boubaid market, full of
ceramics, spices, baskets, plants and all sorts of treasures.

Slipper/shoes market is located opposite St Andrews church, also good for
jellabahs and woven place mats.

On Thursdays and Sundays there is a farmers market outside At Andrews where
the mountain people sell their organic produce, fresh herbs, flowers, grains, oils
and live chickens!

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-Article compiled by Rima Farah