This week, I sat down and created a website listing bus schedule times for the Gare Routier here in Tangier. You can take a look here: Tangier Bus Schedule Online! It allows you to search by city. As a part of our business we are creating several similar sites for Rabat, Casablanca, and Marrakesh in the coming months. The image below is a screenshot showing the schedules. Hope it’s helpful to some of you Tangier folks out there!

Tangier Bus Schedule.

The Tangier American Legation Institute is a museum and cultural center, and is the only US National Historic Landmark abroad. The building was the first American diplomatic property in the world, a gift of the Sultan of Morocco in 1821.
The Legation museum is open Monday through Thursday, 10:00 – 13:00 & 15:00 – 17:00,
and on Fridays 10:00 – 12:00 & 15:00 – 17:00.
Closed on weekends; groups by appointment (Tel: 05 39 93 53 17). Country code +212

For more information visit the Legation Website , and the Directors Blog.

Take in the scene.

Stand on the kerb of a sun-bathed street, a confluence of streets all flowing into one wide space. This broad road isn’t a neat division of the vulnerable from the metallic kept apart by some archane social contract based on pain. This broad space is a venue for Pedestrian versus Vehicle. The throng strolls about in the road paying little attention to the slow advance of taxis and cars that voice their frustration through blaring horns. Across on the far side, against a long white wall, a market lines the road. Country women in straw hats and pom-poms sell live chickens and cheese, fruit and vegetable sellers shout out their prices and prospective customers debate price and quality while cars noisily try to get to their destinations. Take in the colour. Take in the sound. Take in the press of humanity. And step out into it. (more…)

Mickey Raymond, 81, mover and shaker at Colefax and Fowler lives in stately home style in a spacious bungalow in Tangier’s Marshan, the plateau west of the Casbah, the hill before the Old Mountain where it gets truly Surrey-like, beyond and above which are the palaces of the King of Morocco, the Saudis and the Emir of Kuwait, and those of their wives.
The Marshan is a district of faded grand residences, one-time legations, a football stadium, hospitals, schools and the King’s Tangier town house or ‘office’, where York Castle crumbles, the Phoenicians entombed their dead and the hip hang-out Cafe Hagh tumbles down the shady northern cliffs facing Tarifa and Spain.
Mickey’s bungalow is at the eastern city end as the hill plateaus out and Tangier reestablishes back into more hectic hilly familiarity. He is hedged between a print works and an apartment block but once inside you’d not know. His seclusion is absolute, the calm disturbed by a grandfather clock and a visual assault of furniture, furnishings, pictures, murals, and objets d’art, that should but fail to preclude elegance. (more…)